Why subscribe to pet insurance?

Just like humans, animals can benefit from a health insurance. There are numerous types of insurance on the market offering guarantees on wellness exams, illnesses, dental care and accidents. The choice is yours!

Here is why insuring your pet is a good idea:

Because finances should not be an obstacle to your pet’s care

This might avoid (sometimes heartbreaking) decision making when a health issue arises.

Because our furry friends can be little “dare-devils”

Several cats and dogs love exploring the world around them, which can increase accident risks.

Because you will sleep better at night

Purchasing pet insurance will bring your mind at ease.

While searching for the best option for you and your pet, we invite you to try this free non-binding accident pet insurance.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Age range from 7 weeks to 8 years old
  • Has already received a health exam

Pet insurance details:

  • 6 weeks free accidents insurance trial
  • Reimbursement for 80% of veterinary services following the franchise fees
  • No engagement needed: the insurance policy gets cancelled automatically after the 6 weeks trial period.

Come and visit us at the Hospital in order to get more information and obtain your subscription form!