How to Take Care of a Puppy?

Taking care of a puppy to make sure it grows up healthy is not always all fun and games! But we are here to make it easier for you.

Feeding Your Puppy


A puppy should be fed high quality food that is designed for it. Your veterinarian can always help you with this.

The amount of food it consumes should not exceed what it can swallow in 5 to 10 minutes during a meal.

How often your dog should be fed is typically the following:

Age Frequency
6-12 weeks 3 times a day
3-6 weeks 2 times a day
Plus de 6 weeks 1-2 times a day

Toutefois, chaque chien est unique! Votre vétérinaire saura vous conseiller sur la bonne fréquence à adopter.

Educating your Puppy


Your puppy’s education should be enjoyable and fun for the both of you. Those moments you share are ideal to build your relationship!

All puppies must be educated in order to become good family dogs.

Canine education expert Nancy Tucker can give advice according to your situation and your needs.

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