How to Take Care of a Kitten?

Taking care of a kitten may be easier than taking care of a puppy, but there are still a few important things to consider!

Feeding your kitten

A kitten should be fed high quality food that is designed for it. Your veterinarian can always help you with this.

Dry food has a rough surface that helps reduce dental plaque and tartar build-up on your kitten’s teeth, but canned food should complete meals.

The amount of food depends on the diet, age, size and activity level of your cat. It can be fed constantly during the day or at set times, which many veterinarians recommend in order to control the amount of food given.

Avoid letting canned food at room temperature. It can deteriorate!

It is recommended to use stainless steel bowls, since plastic or ceramic bowls can get damaged or crack and become perfect hideouts for bacteria.

Educating your cat

A kitten will litter train itself. You only have to provide a clean litter box and make sure it knows where it is.

The box’s borders should not be too high and you should have one more litter box than the number of cats in the house. They should also be placed in different locations!

The type of litter; clay, sand, recycled paper, is your choice. Although some cats have a preference! Many veterinarians recommend avoiding the ones who contain baking soda or deodorant additives, because they can irritate your cat’s airway.

If your cat does not use the litter box regularly, there could be a few reasons why:

  • The litter is not clean
  • It does not like the litter or the box
  • It has a urinary tract infection or is sick
  • It has suffered a psychological trauma

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