How to Pick Your Cat?

Cats make excellent companions for active or retired couples, families or single people. They are playful and loving pets who can adapt to many environments!

Picking a Breed


There are purebreds and mixed cats. Each breed has its own characteristics: some are more curious, some more lively, others more vocal, more gentle, etc.


Your veterinarian, pet stores and cat shows are great sources of information to learn more about each breed’s personality in order to determine which one you like the most.

Picking the Right Cat


Adopting a cat can be a great way to bring life into your home. Cats make people smile and they don’t even need to go for walks nor go outside to do their business. Unlike dogs, they are accepted in many apartments and condos for those reasons.


When picking a cat, go for the one who is not too timid or aggressive. A healthy feline seeks affection actively and loves to play! Make sure it is also at least 12 weeks old, because it will be weaned.


Once you have adopted your companion, go see your veterinarian. He or she will establish a vaccination plan (lien vers l’article 5 Questions-Answers About Animal Vaccination) catered to your cat’s needs with you.


Remember: even though cats often act independant, they depend on you! They need food every day, fresh water, a clean litter box and, more importantly, love.