At-home Services

Please note that we currently do not offer our home services.


Annual Exam

An annual exam in the comfort of your home can help you save time while avoiding stress for your pet. This exam helps make sure that your companion is healthy and that it will be for years to come!


For vaccines and injections to get done as comfortably as possible, nothing better than getting them at home. Learn more about the importance of vaccination, here.

We offer antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and Cartrophen injections as well as subcutaneous solutes.

We can also demonstrate how to inject a pet suffering from diabetes or any disease requiring frequent injections so you can do it yourself without fear.

Medical Consult

Unless your pet is sick or needs to come to the hospital for us to run tests, an at-home consult or lump analysis is a very good idea. It allows your companion to stay relaxed and at ease in an environment it knows very well!

Preventive care

Nail trimming

All pets are not nail trimming enthusiasts! Luckily, by combining our expertise and your home’s comfort, it is possible to greatly reduce your pet’s stress during this useful but sometimes unpleasant moment.

Ear and Gland Care

Let’s not neglect the ears! They can be the source of very painful issues such as ear infection. We offer at-home care that will make your life and your pet’s easier.

Microchip Installation

A microchip is a very small capsule the size of a grain of rice that contains a computer chip used to identify your pet. If your pet ever gets lost, it can quickly and precisely be identified.

Microchips are safe, easy to install and last a lifetime. They work everywhere across North America!

Most veterinary clinics and hospitals and animal shelters own a microchip reader.

Acupuncture and Osteopathy

Acupuncture is a naturel science based on traditional Chinese medicine that has been around for humans for 4,000 years. It seeks to rebalance energy within the body, which is unbalanced by disease. Using it for animals is getting more popular, because it can be very beneficial to them. It can help with:

– Musculoskeletal injuries;
– Nervous disorders;
– Chronic pain;
– Breathing problems;
– Digestive disorders;
– Behavioural problems;
– Hormonal imbalances;
– Skin disorders.

Dr. Myriam Audet practices acupuncture at our hospital and also offers it as an at-home service.


Euthanasia is never an easy decision. It can however become necessary for your pet’s well-being as well as your family’s.

Our veterinarians and technicians are here to guide you by explaining your pet’s condition, always respectfully, so you can make an informed decision. We are here to support you in your grief from beginning to end.

We offer the service at the hospital, in a calm and comfortable environment, or at home.

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