8 Symptoms of Animal Diseases You Should Not Ignore

A healthy pet makes a happy companion! Learn to spot the first symptoms of diseases that can compromise the well-being of your pet.

The following eight symptoms are especially concerning:

1. Abnormal nose, eye or other orifice secretions

Pay attention to any trace of blood or pus.

2. Sudden malice or lethargy

A drastic change in behaviour normally hides something.


3. Abnormal masses, limping or difficulty to stand up or lay down

Palpate your animal from time to time and watch the way it walks.

4. Loss of appetite, notable weight fluctuation or excessive water consumption

The way your pet eats may indicate many issues.


5. Abnormal stool or urine or difficulty to defecate or urinate

Your pet would not have a hard time going to the toilet for no reason.


6. Excessive head shaking, scratching, licking or chewing of any part of the body

This could indicate fleas, among other things.


7. Dandruff, abundant loss of hairs, open wounds or a dry or dull coat

The coat should be shiny and soft.


8. Very bad breath or excessive tartar deposits on the teeth

Dental diseases are unfortunately common in pets.


All those symptoms require a visit to the veterinary hospital or clinic.