At Hôpital Vétérinaire Vieux Village, we aim for excellence. This is why our mission consists of perfecting the health and well-being of cats and dogs by providing the best care possible thanks to a quality medecine, both global and complementary, as well as promoting a healthy and balanced veterinary education to our clients.



The authenticity and uniqueness of our hospital were established over time thanks to every animal we have helped and every smile we have given our clients. We aspire to make of our global approach the norm in veterinary medicine, because we believe in custom care for every patient, be it conventional or holistic. By educating and training, we slowly but surely realize our dream of a world where animals benefit at all times of excellent care at our hospital and at home.


Team Work

We sincerely believe that our hospital’s strength lies in our capacity to work together to accomplish great things. Veterinary doctors and technicians unite every day to offer the best care to each animal who comes through our door. Comme meet our beautiful passionate family!


We are proud to offer a “zero tolerance” policy regarding any form of bullying, hostility or harassment.Whether you are a client, an employee, a supplier or a consultant, you will find at our hospital a safe environment based on courtesy and respect.

Excelling Oneself

We encourage our employees to perfect their skills by investing in continuing education. We believe that staying aware of the most recent developments in veterinary medicine assures us of always providing the best service to our clients and encourages us to grow and accomplish more.
We love to take the opportunity to learn new techniques, discover new products and develop unique abilities to better care for your pets.


We love animals as much as you do. That is why the human side of veterinary medicine is so important to us. Your pet is a life companion, a friend, a presence for whom you care deeply. It is for us a priority to offer him or her the best and most comfortable care possible while keeping in mind your needs and concerns. Every day, our altruistic practice mirrors who we are!

Our History


Our beautiful business was created in 1994 under the name Clinique Vétérinaire Lac Massawippi. Its history began in Dr. Lois Saucke’s basement, where some of our most loyal clients have set foot years ago.

The Clinic slowly built its customer base until the basement became too small! In 2004, the former owner of the Clinic bought the building in which the Clinic currently is, a water testing laboratory in the Vieux Village of Rock-Forest, now Sherbrooke.

Clinique Vétérinaire Lac Massawippi then became Clinique Vétérinaire du Vieux Village Inc.

In 2013, the Clinic’s first owner left and Dr. Myriam Audet took the lead. She had been working at the Clinic since 2003, but she implemented a brand new purpose to Clinique Vétérinaire du Vieux Village. She bought new devices such as a laser surgery tool, blood analysis equipment, digital radiography and tonometry to perfect the conventional medicine services offered. She also invested in complementary medicine. Acupuncture was introduced at the Clinic in 2005; phytotherapy, in 2007 and osteopathy, in 2016 (Please note that osteopathy is not currently offered).

With the help of its amazing senior and new employees, the Clinic aspires to global health and integrated medicine with the support of new technologies to multiply always greater accomplishments.

Our past made us who we are. Now, we are bringing this rich baggage towards our promising future.

This wonderful journey allows us, from December 2018, to become a veterinary hospital. With the right technologies and support, we aim to broaden our reach in order to better serve our customers in Estrie.

Welcome to Hôpital Vétérinaire Vieux Village!

Our policies



Please note that if you are late to your appointment by 15 minutes or more, we may have to shorten the appointment. We try our best to stick to our schedule in order to minimize waiting time and at the same time avoid causing stress to your animal. We will happily move your appointment if you would rather make sure to benefit from the whole 30 minutes we book for you.

Thank you for understanding.



The hospital offers an emergency service to its clients 365 days per year. After hours, phone calls are transferred to a telephone service center. They evaluate the urgency of the calls and triage them.

Non-urgent messages are sent via email to the hospital the following business day, while emergency calls are transferred to the on-call veterinarian. Note that there is an applicable fee to discuss with the veterinarian over the phone.

Since the emergency service works in collaboration with other clinics and hospitals from the area, emergency visits might be done at another location.

Thank you for understanding.