5 Risks of Animal Obesity

Obesity is a big problem for cats and dogs. In North America, over 50% middle-aged pets are overweight.


Obesity’s main causes are too much food and not enough exercise. Some other factors have to do with hormones, genetic or consequences of diseases.


Here are 5 risks of animal obesity:

1. Increased risk of heart disease

With extra weight, the heart has to work a lot harder to do its job.


2. Increased risk of arthritis

The extra weight can tire the joints and make it harder for your pet to move comfortably.


3. Breathing, skin and coat problems

Your pet’s general well-being is very affected by obesity.

4. Diabetes

It is common in overweight cats!


5. Reduction of lifespan of about 2 years

Each year spent with your pet is precious. Why not give it a chance to live longer?


If you think your animal suffers from obesity, see your veterinarian.

Weight loss programs are available once all causes for obesity linked to health problems are ruled out.